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Iran: another Christian convert released from prison

Amin Khaki has been informed that he is not obliged to complete his sentence.

Iranian referee seeking asylum in Sweden is accused of "Christian propaganda"

One of the most distinguished soccer referees in Iran has already left the country.

Ayatollah rector to Pope Francis: Let us unite at the service of humanity

Religious teachers and their students "express their gratitude for the Pope and for all those who care about the weak and needy".

Christian convert released from prison in Iran

In August 2019 US Vice President Mike Pence mentioned Mahrokh by name and in a Tweet demanded her freedom.

Saudi Arabia and Iran both continue to persecute religious and ethnic minorities

It is euphemistic to say that Christians have a hard time in these Muslim countries where discrimination is institutionalized.

Iran continues to terrorise Iraqi Catholics

One third of Iraqi Christians either live under the control of or are surrounded by Iranian-backed militias.

Muslim convert on 'miraculous' ways God is 'radically transforming' Iran

Dedicating his life to sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Iran was never something Hormoz Shariat thought he would do.

Iran: the persecution of Muslims converted to Christianity continues.

Ebrahim Firouzi, who converted from Islam to Christianity, has been convicted of "propaganda against the Islamic Republic."

UK acknowledges the risk of persecution for ‘ordinary’ Iranian Christians

Based on a new reference case, the UK recognizes the persecution of "regular" Christians.

Iran's Supreme Leader to pardon 10,000 prisoners for Nowruz

The pardon will affect political prisoners as well.