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Three Christians flee Iran

Three Iranian Christians had to flee the country to avoid 35 years of prison for their faith.

Iranian Church still has one million members despite violent persecution

Converting to Christianity and preaching the Gospel are considered "crimes against national security" in Iran.

Pastor and, wife flee Iran to escape 15 years' imprisonment

They left after their appeals of prison sentences related to their involvement in a house church and evangelism were denied.

Dr Thomas Sr. O’Flynn about religious persecution in Iran

"As I write, there is only one Catholic church in Tehran open at weekends, and only for expatriates."

Alarmingly high bail leveled against Iranian Christians

The government is demanding 3 billion tomans ($150,000) for the release of both an Armenian church leader and a Christian convert

New law in Iran threatens more arrests of Christians

Legislation passed by parliament in Iran could make it easier to arrest and imprison Christians and other religious minorities

Christian woman, mother of two, arrested in Iran

The authorities confiscated her computer, mobile phone, and several books.

Three Iranian Christians receive appeal outcome

Four Christians were initially arrested in 2016 for “acting against national security” for leading house churches in Rasht

Third "honour killing" this month in Iran

The man put his daughter's dead body in the trunk of his car and disposed it in a nearby village. 

Iran increases hardline stance against Christians

The legislature passed amendments regarding the country’s Islamic Penal Code which would negatively impact Christians