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Patriarch Sako: May the Lord protect Iraq and the world

"Everyone must analyse their own behavior. Self-criticism should be everyone’s “duty,” Patriarch Sako said.

The very existence of Christianity in the Middle East is under threat

The number of Christians in Iraq fell from 1.5 million in 2003 to 200,000 today.

Book review: ‘Peace in Iraq’ is best remaining hope for country’s Christians

Author Stephen Rasche's new book is titled: 'The Disappearing People: The Tragic Fate of Christians in the Middle East',

Survival of Christians in Iraq still unstable

"Thanks to the help from Western countries, there are still Christians in Iraq," Fr Jens Petzold told ACN.

Kidnapped French, Iraqi aid workers released after 2 months

The three French citizens and one Iraqi worked for SOS Chretiens d'Orient, which helps persecuted Christians in the region.

Nonprofit seeks to provide computers to Iraqi Christian schools

The computer labs will consist of printers, projectors, and at least five laptops, electrical wires, and internet routers.

Iraqi religious authorities commit to justice for terrorism victims

Through an interfaith document, Iraqi religious authorities are paving the way towards peaceful coexistence.

Iraqi village of Batnaya to be rebuilt with help of Catholic charity

The new programme is designed to restore key buildings and places which were destroyed by ISIS.

Pope Francis: "I am very close to the Iraqi people"

The Pope prays for Iraq and expressed his desire to visit the country.

Historic Iraqi church to be rebuilt

Al-Tahera church, in the old city of Mosul, was severely damaged after ISIS invaded the city in June of 2014.