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Senior ISIS Official Arrested in Mosul

Shifa Al-Neama, nicknamed Abu Abd Al-Bari, had worked as a preacher in several mosques where he was educating about ISIS ideology.

Christians of Erbil are worried about recent missile attack

Iranian missiles generate fear among Iraqi Christians

Chaldean patriarch: Do not turn Iraq into a war zone!

Cardinal Sako issued a strong a statement and called for peace.

Chaldean patriarch: the time has come for Iraq to have a Christian party

Emigration abroad and marginalisation at home are the first challenges to face.

Christian faith stronger than ever in Iraq despite instability

The local Catholic Archbishop says Christians are stronger in their faith than ever before.

Cathedral in Iraq’s largest Christian town to be rebuilt in 2020

After 2016, Masses resumed in the damaged cathedral as Christians returned to rebuild their community.

Christmas celebrations cancelled in Iraq in solidarity with protesters

Almost 430 people have died and 20,000 wounded in mass rallies