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Christians regain hope for Mosul's rebirth six years after ISIS took power

Infrastructures must be rebuilt, corruption eradicated, and services boosted.

Iraqui prime minister expressed bitterness due to the exodus of Christians

The number of Christians in Nineveh who have returned to their homes remains small.

Crop fires set in Nineveh Plains

On Tuesday, suspicious fires were set in the Hamdaniyah District of the Nineveh Governorate.

Iraqi priest: pandemic is sinking the economy but helping the Islamic State

The weakening economy increases poverty which is working in favour of jihadist recruitment.

Patriarch Sako: Iraqi people have limited protection against the virus

The spiralling effect of the coronavirus has severe consequences in Iraq.

Islamic State attacks intensify during Ramadan

Despite its defeat in 2019, fears are rising that ISIS sleeping cells are again capable of conducting terrorist attacks.

Muslims and Christians join to rebuild places of worship demolished by ISIS

The UAE funded UNESCO programme will make it possible to restore the historic places of worship in Mosul.

Persecuted Middle Eastern Christians fear being forgotten amid pandemic

Stephen Rasche urges Christians in the West to pray for Christians in the Middle East in order to give them courage.

Iraqi Christians and Muslims join in prayer for an end to the pandemic

"In this difficult moment we need human solidarity and concentrated efforts to eliminate the common enemy."

ISIS attacks resume in Iraq

Attacks in Iraq’s Diyala and Salahuddin provinces resulted in the killing of security personnel.