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New Apostolic Nuncio appointed to Iraq

Pope Francis has appointed Monsignor Mitja Leskovar as the new Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq, while also making him an Archbishop.

Christians remain vital to Iraq, says U.S. lawyer who advises Chaldeans

It was difficult for Westerners to understand the deep trauma Christians in Iraq have experienced.

Priests of Baghdad donate salaries to victims of pandemic and to people in need

Cardinal Sako again supports government health directives and urges respect for social distancing in churches.

'Hit-and-run' operations carried out around Kirkuk by IS

Islamic State may revive amid pandemic and curfew in Iraq.

Patriarch Sako: Pandemic strengthens Islamic-Christian solidarity

Christians distribute aid to Muslims in solidarity and without religious distinctions.

Providing aid to displaced Christians in Iraq is not guaranteed

A number of Catholic charities in Iraq are raising the alarm because of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.

Pandemic may revive Islamic State and hurt Iraq’s minorities, say NGOs

For Iraqi Christian and Yazidi communities still recovering from the destruction the coronavirus poses significant risks

UN encourages Iraq to address domestic abuse

"There has been a significant increase in social media reports of domestic violence."

Religious minorities of Iraq in a detrimental position amid foreign influence

Iranian interference in electing the next prime minister of Iraq has caused more harm than good.

Iraq: absence of rule of law is a driver of persecution

Iraq's struggle to name a new prime minister is having a devastating impact on society.