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The persecution of Iraqi Christians continues

The 18,000 school-aged Iraqi refugee children in Jordan face a myriad of barriers to school attendance.

Iraqi committee returns 120 expropriated Christian properties

Iraqi Christians have been facing such severe persecution for decades.

Attack on Iraqi Christian home sparks insecurity fear

The Christian presence in the region is dwindling as Christians face persecution from many angles.

Budapest Report: All that must be known about modern age Christian persecution

In this article we offer some general ideas about the role of state and religious organisation in protection of Christianity

Iraqi government seeks to address Pope Francis' concerns

Christians living in Nineveh Governorate face near-daily security threats with the presence of radical Muslim militia.

Iraqi leader creates committee to revert illegal expropriations from Christians

The intention of the operation is to restore justice and end violations of the property rights of Christians

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán handed over Kádár's villa to Christians

According to estimates by UNICEF, more than five million children need humanitarian aid in Syria alone.

Christians in Iraq fear coming back home as ISIS remains powerful in the region

The vast majority of Iraqi Christians are Aramaic-speaking native Assyrians. Iraq has been their home for 2,000 years.

Iraqi Prime Minister calls for return of Christians

He expressed these hopes to Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako, as well as a number of other bishops from Iraq.

Iraqi Christians victim of land-grabbing

The decision impacts over one hundred Christian families who rely upon the land as a source of livelihood.