Report of the situation of Christians in Syria during the ISIS occupation

CSW made a report in which they wrote about atrocities and provide some shocking data about the situation of Christians in Syria.

Remains of Kidnapped Missionary Found in Mali

Switzerland’s Foreign Ministry announced the findings in a statement.

137 People Killed in Niger Massacre

Insurgents riding motorcycles raided three villages in Niger’s Tahoua region bordering Mali on Sunday, killing 137 civilians.

Syria’s civil war hits its ten-year anniversary

It is estimated that twelve million out of Syria’s pre-civil war population of twenty-two million were displaced since 2011.

Ten civilians murdered in two raids in DRC

The DRC army confirmed the death of ten civilians during two overnight raids in eastern DRC last week.

Capital executions of jihadists after terror attack in Baghdad

Of the prisoners sentenced to death in Iraq, most are IS fighters, but there are also common criminals among them.

Rebel group kills dozens of civilians in Eastern DRC

The twenty-five people killed in this attack were farmers who were working their fields at the time.

Testimony of a survivor of two ISIS attacks in Syria

An Open Doors field worker in Syria talked about an ISIS attack in 2015 that he fortunately managed to survive.

Boko Haram kills 11 in Nigeria on Christmas Eve

Boko Haram, the jihadist terrorist group active in northeast Nigeria, struck again on Christmas Eve, killing at least 11 people.

Iraq celebrates third anniversary of ISIS defeat

The defeat of ISIS in 2017 is celebrated as a national holiday throughout Iraq.