Sixth anniversary of ISIS genocide against Christians and Yazidis

Although ISIS is officially defeated, the fight is long from being over for Iraq’s Christian and Yazidi communities.

Christians remain at risk of 'eradication' in post-ISIS Iraq

About 87% of Christians surveyed in the study said they feel “unsafe" in this Middle Eastern region.

Christians regain hope for Mosul's rebirth six years after ISIS took power

Infrastructures must be rebuilt, corruption eradicated, and services boosted.

ISIS attacks increase in NE Syria

Although these attacks are not specifically targeting Christians, they have affected a large Christian community.

Islamic State attacks intensify during Ramadan

Despite its defeat in 2019, fears are rising that ISIS sleeping cells are again capable of conducting terrorist attacks.

Mozambique continues to be a growth area for ISIS

Islamic State Central African Province conducted several attacks, including taking control of two towns in the Cabo Delgado region

Terrorists in Indonesia called to exploit the pandemic

some terrorist groups did seize COVID-19 to secretly recruit and train their militants

The world is silent about Islamic terrorist attacks on churches in Mozambique

Bishop Lozano is convinced that there is some local group behind the attacks that are supported by foreign mercenaries.

ISIS attacks resume in Iraq

Attacks in Iraq’s Diyala and Salahuddin provinces resulted in the killing of security personnel.

UAE-UNESCO partnership rebuilds al-Saa’a Church

The church is a historic landmark in Mosul that was damaged by the Islamic State during its genocide against Christians.