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Macron wants to "fight Islamic separatism" but "without stigmatizing Muslims"

Emmanuel Macron wants to proceed to a French "reconquista" of the areas that have been taken over by radical Islamism.

Slovenia will inaugurate huge mosque financed by Qatar in Ljubljana

A Muslim Culture Center was opened in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, whose main building is a mosque for 1,500 people.

Muslims pray in front of Santa Maria Maggiore church in Rome

The group prayed in front of St. Mary Major is one of the four main basilics in Rome, which belongs to the Vatican.

The ‘Jesus’ revered by Muslims is not the same worshipped by Christians as God

1400 years ago, the founder of Islam, Muhammad seemed to have 'hijacked' Jesus from the gospels

Arabs tend to lose faith in religious parties and leaders

Religious zeal is also falling in the region, particularly among the young

Is Islam incompatible with the laws and principles of the United States?

Two professors, the author of the article and Jordan Peterson agree: it is not.

Saudi sisters fled from their homeland hoping for a bright future

“Women are just like slaves, there” said the older sister