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Boy killed his mother over her conversion in Israel

The woman separated from her husband and children in 2006, relocated, and converted.

Tristan Azbej: "Let us pray for peace in the Holy Land"

Recently, the conflict between Israeli government forces and Hamas, which controls the Palestinian territories, has escalated.

The cleared site of Jesus' baptism is again available to the faithful

"The reopening of this place to pilgrims and tourists will be a historic day," Father Faltas told Vatican Radio.

President Trump announces peace deal between UAE and Israel

The UAE has become the third Arab country to have established peaceful ties with Israel.

Christian advocacy group hails Israel-Emirates deal

President Donald Trump announced the diplomatic accord on the normalization of relations of the United Arab Emirates and Israel

Dozens of French Jews immigrate to Israel amid rising anti-Semitism

Israel expects to welcome more than 10,000 immigrants this year.

Jordanian think tank criticized for referencing Bible

A former Palestinian ambassador, have argued that the use of Biblical texts in such a document should not be pursued.

Jerusalem: Restrictions on Holy Week and Easter due to coronavirus

The Holy Thursday Mass was transferred to the Pentecost because "it makes no sense without the participation of diocese priests".

In Holy Land, Churches denounce persistent anti-Christian attacks

For the past ten years there has been a notable increase in the number of anti-Christian attacks and incidents in the Holy Land