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Flickering billboards on the Cathedral of Milan

There are two enormous billboards hanging in front of the Milan Cathedral, hiding two of the sidewalls of the Gothic church.

Italian church robbed and vandalised

The police are investigating.

Statue of the Virgin Mary desecrated in Southern Italian town

According to the video surveillance system, the act of vandalism would have been committed by teenagers.

Desecration of church garden in Northern Italian town

The Police are doing their best to find the culprits.

Police apprehended thieves after repeated thefts in Montbelluna region churches

The thefts all happened over a time period of several months.

Church vandalised in Southern Italy

The vandals damaged the altar, causing great sorrow among the community, who worked to maintain the spirit of the little church.

Man arrested for theft of service book from Italian church

The suspect is being charged among other things with offending a religious denomination.

Church vandalised and almost set on fire in Italy

Investigations on this act of anti-Christian vandalism are ongoing.