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Boko Haram and Islamic State jihadists fight each other for supremacy in Africa

For years, Nigeria has been a battlefield for two branches of jihadist Islam - the Islamic State and Boko Haram.

The number of jihadist groups is on the rise in Africa

Missionaries and humanitarian organisations are asking for an immediate response from the international community

Four UN Peacekeepers Killed in Mali

Four peacekeepers were killed by suspected Jihadists on Friday in the Kidal region of northeast Mali, reports UN News.

Jihadists launched another bloody offensive in Mozambique

The local Church appeals to the international community to finally acknowledge the ongoing humanitarian disaster.

Over one hundred people, mostly Christians, killed in mass attacks in DRC

The majority of those killed in the three attacks in the Beni region were Christians.

Jihadists attack Malian and French military bases in Mali

The attacks on the three military bases took place within a few hours of each other on the 30th of November.

Jihadists continue to terrorise religious minorities in Nigeria

Life as a christian in Nigeria represents a danger in itself, especially in the northeastern parts of the country.

Jihadists continue to terrorise Mozambique

Christians fear for their life in the country which is being taken over by radical Islamists.

Terrorists killed Swiss missionary in Mali

The kidnappers have strong connections with al-Kaida.

Turkey in "holy war" against the Armenians

The escalation of violence is a result of the weak reaction of the international community to the "Four Day War" of 2016.