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Thirteen-year-old Christian girl forcefully converted and married in Pakistan

Pakistan ranks fourth on Open Doors’ 2021 World Watch List regarding religiously motivated abductions.

Another Christian student kidnapped in Pakistan

Another Christian student has been kidnapped from Lahore to be forced into an Islamic marriage.

Turkey makes no progress investigating the kidnapping of elderly Christians

The abductors are affiliated with the PKK, a Kurdish militant group designated by the US as a terrorist organisation.

Catholic Bishop asks to pray for priest kidnapped last week in Nigeria

Fr. Matthew Dajo was kidnapped on Sunday, the 22nd of November, in Abuja, Nigeria. Archbishop asks to pray for his release.

Hundreds of Coptic Christian girls have recently been kidnapped in Egypt

Coptic Christians are being under continuous pressure in this majority Muslim country.

Four Christians kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

“While we were praying and refused to open the entrance to the house, they tried to break in using a hammer," explained a pastor.

Pakistan: 14-year-old Catholic girl flees her kidnapper’s house

The trials of Maria Shahbaz continue. She fled Nakash’s home, where family sources say she was forced into prostitution.

15-year-old Christian kidnapped by a married Muslim with four children

The kidnapping took place on July 22, but the girl's family was only able to file a complaint now, a month later.

Pakistan court orders young Christian girl to return to her Muslim kidnapper

“With this ruling, no Christian girl in Pakistan is safe,” a family friend and advocate was quoted as saying.

Christian family beaten for protecting daughter from kidnapping.

Christians facing persecution in Pakistan rarely see justice in the legal system.