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Kidnapped Christian woman returned

Local news reports that on July 15th, Christian Egyptian woman Rania Abd El Misseh reunited with her family.

Kidnapped Christian girl now pregnant from rape

A kidnapped girl phoned her parents to tell she is pregnant after being raped by her abductor, who imprisoned her in his house.

A Christian girl was kidnapped from a Muslim-majority country in Asia

Maria had been kidnapped and abused by some of her co-workers from the factory where she worked.

Christian girl, 14, abducted in Pakistan, forced to wed kidnapper

Evidence was produced to show Maira is 19 years old, including a birth certificate, official Church and school documents.

Newlywed couple and others abducted from wedding at church in Nigeria

Who were not able to escape out of the church were taken and no news has been reported about their current situation.

Today the Christian Church prays for the priests kidnapped in Syria in 2013

The Christian Church in Aleppo organises an ecumenical prayer service for the release of the kidnapped priests.

Herdsmen kill Christian student in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Also a Christian married couple was kidnapped in the attack in the north-central part of the country.