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A kidnapped Catholic priest has been killed in Nigeria

Cheitnum served as priest at St. James Parish in Fori, Jema’a Local Government Area, according to the diocese.

A Nigerian priest was kidnapped

There is still not any word on his status.

Nigerian priest released after after a month of captivity

Nigerian priest Fr. Felix Zakari Fidson, kidnapped on March 24, was released on May 3.

Missing Catholic priest found tied up and unconscious in a vehicle

The case could have been a kidnap for ransom, according to the police.

An Orthodox priest has been kidnapped in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine does not seem to get even slightly closer to an end.

Priest kidnapped and church security guard murdered in Nigeria

A woman and two children were also kidnapped during the attack.

A Nigerian priest has been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen and released

Three seminarians were kidnapped and six others injured to varying degrees during an attack perpetrated by unidentified individual

Parish priest kidnapped on Sunday released the day after

Fr. Joseph Danjuma Shekari, Nigerian priest kidnapped on the night of Sunday, February 6, has regained his freedom.

Fake policemen could have kidnapped a priest in Cameroon

The Catholic priest was abducted by two individuals who presented themselves as police officers.

Nigerian priest released after ten days in captivity

A Nigerian priest, who was held in captivity for ten days was released.