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Another fifteen Nigerian students released by abductors

“The bandits initially promised to release 40 but later released 15 that are weak and sick".

Eighty-three kidnapped pupils still remain in captivity in Nigeria

Five students escaped on the 21st of July when they were sent to collect firewood by their abductors.

National debate in Nigeria over ransom payments

The recent kidnapping of over 120 students in Kaduna State has reignited the international conversation on ransom payments.

President of Nigeria expressed his support for kidnapped students

The presidency of Nigeria released a statement via Twitter yesterday aiming to sympathize with parents whose sons were kidnapped.

Last of the kidnapped student released by Fulani in Nigeria

On the 1st of May, the Fulani released the last of the four Christian students that were kidnapped on the 29th of April.

At least one person died in latest school attack in Nigeria

A staff member was killed early Wednesday morning when gunmen attacked and kidnapped students from a school in Northern Nigeria.

Ten out of thirty-nine kidnapped students released in Nigeria

Ten students abducted from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization in Kaduna State last month have been freed.

Thirty-nine students kidnapped in Nigeria

Thirty-nine students were abducted on Thursday during an overnight raid at the Federal College in Kaduna State.