Tag: Kidnapping

Abducted Christian killed during rescue mission

Nigerian Christians are regularly confronted with life-threatening violence from Fulani herdsmen.

Gunmen break into home and beat two Christian girls and kidnap one

The inaction of the police left the family in a state of shock.

Father Pierluigi Maccalli visits Fatima to “thank Mary” for his release

On the first Sunday of August Father Pierluigi Maccalli visited the shrine of Fatima in Portugal.

Kidnapped priest released in Mali

The other faithful kidnapped with him were released on the 23rd of June.

At least one person died in latest school attack in Nigeria

A staff member was killed early Wednesday morning when gunmen attacked and kidnapped students from a school in Northern Nigeria.

Seven Christians kidnapped in Haiti

Seven people, among them clergymen and nuns, were kidnapped in Haiti on Sunday, the 11th of April.

Eight Christians kidnapped in Nigeria

The Christian minority in Nigeria has been subjected to severe persecution for many years.

A kidnapped Christian professor was released in Nigeria

Fatokun did not identify his captors, but Muslim Fulani herdsmen have been active in Nasarawa State.

A nun has been kidnapped in Haiti

Haiti has been going through a severe socio-economic crisis for years, leading people to despair and insecurity.