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Salesian Radio-Television "Ichilo" attacked in Yapacaní, Bolivia

Violent groups linked to the government of President Evo Morales attacked the Salesian station

She kept the baby she conceived when raped, today he’s a priest who defends life

Fr. Alfar Antonio Vélez, now a missionary priest, is grateful that his mother refused an abortion.

Ecuador march protests abortion, gay marriage

100,000+ people attended march, with theme: “Respect the Constitution, the family and life"

Ecuador approves same-sex marriage

On Wednesday, the 12th of June, Ecuador's highest court legalized same-sex marriage.

The parish priest murdered in La Majada, El Salvador was buried

"Nobody is exempt... It is something that seems to have no solution, but we have to face this drama"

Church attacked by Maduro loyalists after Mass, Venezuelan bishop says

Two National Guard members entered the parish on motorcycles as Mass was concluding.

Video: Colombian Cathedral vandalised

On Thursday, the 25th of April, a group of angry left-wing radicals stormed the Cathedral of Bogota

A Brazilian clothes shop stops selling clothes that offend Christian sentiments

A T-shirt that depicts the Virgin Mary, with a skeletal head instead of her face, is not to be sold in Brazil anymore.

Mexican president considers abortion referendum

López Obrador is unlikely to push for legalization now, as he needs Catholic Church to help fight violence.

Peruvian bishops asked to investigate the death of a British religious

Brother Paul was well known in the locality for his commitment to protecting the environment and the indigenous peoples.