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Argentine president signed the act legalising abortion

The law in force so far permitted abortion only when the pregnancy was a result of rape or when it put the mother's life at risk.

Pro-abortionists vandalised a cathedral in Argentina

The facade of Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral in Moreno, Buenos Aires was vandalised in late November by abortion activists.

A nun has been kidnapped in Haiti

Haiti has been going through a severe socio-economic crisis for years, leading people to despair and insecurity.

Unknown perpetrators murdered a religious brother in Venezuela

It is suspected that robbery was the motivation behind the crime.

"Abortion will never be legal in Brazil", warns Jair Bolsonaro

The President of Brazil referred to the legalisation of abortion-on-demand in Argentina this week.

Argentina legalises abortion "on demand" until the fourteenth week of pregnancy

Until now, only Uruguay, Cuba, Guyana and parts of Mexico have allowed the partial legalisation of killing the unborn on request.

Argentine Congress approved a government bill to legalise abortion

The pro-abortion groups are determined to "push through" the regulations this year, given that elections will take place in 2021

Demonstrations against abortion are taking place in Argentina

On the 28th of November, more than five hundred demonstrations were organised in Argentina.

Church vandalised in Argentina

The El Bolson Church was vandalised by members of the indigenous population of the Andes mountain range.

Cuban authorities arrested a pastor for streaming the demolition of a church

The pastor is being held "incommunicado," which means he is unable to speak to or see other people while awaiting his trial.