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Church vandalised in Argentina

The El Bolson Church was vandalised by members of the indigenous population of the Andes mountain range.

Cuban authorities arrested a pastor for streaming the demolition of a church

The pastor is being held "incommunicado," which means he is unable to speak to or see other people while awaiting his trial.

Mexico: Catholic community is searching for missing missionary

The community is campaigning for the rescue of the priest, under the hashtag #TodosSomosPadrePaco.

Brazilian court prohibits abortion advocacy group calling itself "Catholic"

"The name 'Catholics for the Right to Decide', was certainly used in an abusive and undue way."

Young priest shot dead in Venezuela

On Tuesday night, a priest was assassinated by armed men, who were attempting to rob the parish.

Young priest assassinated in Brazil

Fr. Adriano da Silva Barros, parish vicar of São Simão Parish, in Simonésia was found dead on the night of the 14th of October.

Christian church robbed and profaned in Mexico

The Christ King Chapel in the Mexican state of Durango, was robbed and desecrated on the 13th of October, early in the morning.

Venezuela: Church robbed but Eucharist left intact

The robbers tried to remove the golden panel of the tabernacle, but they did not touch the Eucharist.

Brazilian journalist denies the existence of Christianophobia

More and more liberal thinking journalists in the western media state that Christianophobia is the invention of the Church

Cuba released journalist imprisoned for covering arrest of Christian parents

Roberto Quiñones Haces was sentenced to one year in a labour camp, according to the U.S. State Department.