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Cuba released journalist imprisoned for covering arrest of Christian parents

Roberto Quiñones Haces was sentenced to one year in a labour camp, according to the U.S. State Department.

El-Salvador: A former colonel was imprisoned for killing five Jesuits in 1989

The Jesuit priests in El-Salvador were working on fomenting peace between the two sides during the civil war.

A church was desecrated and the priest threatened in Brazil

The sculpture of Saint Francis of Assisi was also vandalised.

Brazil: Sunday dedicated to persecuted Christians is drawing near

Every year the Church in Brazil dedicates a Sunday to persecuted Christians.

A young altar server was murdered in Brazil

On the 24th of August, a young altar server of the Parish of Saint Peter of Fortaleza was shot dead on the street.

Historical Santa Veracruz Church in Mexico City caught fire

The authorities of Mexico City reported that this Sunday, August 30th, the historical Santa Veracruz Church caught fire.

Archbishop Paglia: Catholic politicians cannot protect or promote abortion

"The Church is very clear. It is a response from the Catechism. It is a great mistake to promote legislation on abortion."

The President of Colombia was brought to court for Tweeting about the Virgin

A ruling to remove the post was eventually revoked, but he was warned to be more prudent.

A Catholic priest has been murdered in El Salvador

El Salvador is considered one of the most violent countries in the world, with the highest homicide rates.

Nicaragua Catholic cathedral attacked with firebomb

The Archdiocese of Managua complained it was “a condemnable act of sacrilege and desecration.”