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Mexican bishops reject abortion ahead of Supreme Court decision

“We affirm, in accordance with scientific evidence, that human life begins from the moment of conception,” said Bishop José Jesús

Northern Ireland legalises abortion at home amid COVID-19 pandemic

The government will allow abortions at home up to the 10th week of pregnancy.

Belgium "lagging behind" other coutries on abortion, says Belgian socialist

The controversial text specifies that doctors who "complicate the access" to abortion will face legal problems. 

Pro-life MP uses maiden speech to defend the right to life of the unborn - Video

“I am unapologetically pro-life and look forward to challenging the Government on this alongside other pro-life MPs"

Northern Irish medical professionals refuse to perform abortions

Nearly 1000 medics registered in Northern Ireland are refusing to be involved in providing abortions to patients

Church leaders call for action over Northern Ireland abortion legislation

Call for prayer over this upcoming weekend for the unborn and their families