YouTube removes video exposing LGBT ideology

The leader of a Polish pro-life organisation confirms LGBT censorship is becoming more common — especially online.

In Italy, new book suggests changes to Catholic doctrine on homosexuality

The intention of the book is to propose a change in Christian anthropology.

Catholic priest subject to death threats by LGBT supporters in the USA

Fr. Esshaki wrote that he would pray for all who offend, defame and threaten him.

Australian medical conference defends Christian vision amid LGBT pressure

The Australian Catholic Medical Association website has a resource page on sex and gender with articles, documents and videos.

Hungary ends legal recognition of sex change

Hungary recognises legal same-sex relationships but remains opposed to the legalisation of so called same-sex marriages.

A UN expert on LGBT promotion calls on governments to punish clerics

Madrigal complained about "ultra-conservative groups recovering their identity at the expense of sexual minorities."

Americans accuse Poland of "gender-based" and "racial" hatred

These accusations can hardly be taken seriously by any honest person familiar with the actual situation in Poland.

Disney to feature first LGBTQ character in movie ‘Onward’

The upcoming movie will feature a lesbian character - a police officer named Spector.

Northern Ireland legalized same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriages are already legal in all the other parts of the UK (England, Scotland and Wales).

Spanish government pushes for compulsory gender and LGBT classes for children

"Hands off our families," tweeted the leader of the opposition People's Party Pablo Casado.