Tag: LGBTQ Ideology

Slovakia rejects the Istanbul Convention

The document uses violence against women as a tool to introduce gender ideology at international level.

Prestigious Vienna Opera Ball allows gay couple to participate for first time

The homosexual pair, hopes to 'use' their appearance to draw attention to LGBTQ issues.

New emoji for 2020 include beardless,‘gender-neutral Santa’ coming to town

New emoji for 2020 include ‘gender-neutral Santa’, transgender flag

"Breaking News"- Batwoman comes out: She’s a lesbian!

Batman's cousin, Ruby Rose’s CW Superhero tells whole Gotham city: She’s a gay.

United Methodist Church officially splits over gay ‘marriage,’ and clergy

A “traditionalist Methodist” denomination would continue to ban same-sex marriage and gay, lesbian clergy.

Swedish children’s book promotes Transgenderism, with 'trans-species' horse-dog

The man is a transgender who wears women’s clothing and lipstick, while the horse is “trans-species” and believes it's a dog

'Always' is removing female symbol not to hurt transgender customers

The announcement follows pleas from LGBTQ activists asking P&G to redesign the packaging to be more gender-neutral.

New UN treaty to enshrine dozens of genders into international law

General Assembly may scrap the definition of gender as "male and female"

Propaganda directed at children? Toy company launches a gender neutral doll

Is it the politically correct, "inclusive" toys that our children nowadays need?

LGBT campaign against Ethiopia's religious values

Christian leaders: “We are witnessing foreign elements that are trying to spread homosexuality"