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Most American Conservatives keep their views private due to "political climate"

Overall, 62 per cent of Americans say they self-censor due to the political climate.

Poland: a pro-life organization ousted from its premise in the center of Warsaw

The city of Warsaw ruled by pro-LGBT liberal mayor Rafał Trzaskowski continues to discriminate defenders of unborn children.

Macron's party wants to create "educational centers" for imams

Today, MP's from Macron's liberal ruling party are preparing a 10-point plan of a so-called Republican Reconquista.

California governor wants a ‘no-kill state' but fails to question abortion

California Governor Gavin Newsom expressed his desire that his state stops euthanizing animals

Piers Morgan to Ben Shapiro: liberals have become unbearable

"You can never host the Oscars if you offended somebody with a joke 10 years ago"