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Missing Catholic priest was found safe and sound in Mexico

Fr. Francisco Núñez Martinez’s sister announced that the priest has been found alive, five days after his disappearance.

Mexico: Catholic community is searching for missing missionary

The community is campaigning for the rescue of the priest, under the hashtag #TodosSomosPadrePaco.

Christian church robbed and profaned in Mexico

The Christ King Chapel in the Mexican state of Durango, was robbed and desecrated on the 13th of October, early in the morning.

Historical Santa Veracruz Church in Mexico City caught fire

The authorities of Mexico City reported that this Sunday, August 30th, the historical Santa Veracruz Church caught fire.

Mexican bishops reject abortion ahead of Supreme Court decision

“We affirm, in accordance with scientific evidence, that human life begins from the moment of conception,” said Bishop José Jesús

Catholic churches vandalized during march against police repression in Mexico

The Xalapa Cathedral and the Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Mexico’s Veracruz state were vandalized June 8

Mexican state passes pro-life education law

Mexican state legislature passed education reform bill to foster a “respect for life from conception to natural death” in students

Atonement Mass celebrated in a desecrated church in Mexico

The priest asked “to pray for those who damaged the church so that they may attain the love and mercy of God".

Mexico: evangelical Christians persecuted and forced to become refugees

Indigenous Christians often face persecution just because they don’t participate in the religious celebrations of their villages.

Feminist protesters target Mexico City cathedral once again

Around 80,000 people participated in the march according to the authorities.