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‘Life after ISIS’: Christians are leaving Iraq due to ongoing security concerns

The report documents how Iraqi Christians’ worries over Iran-backed militias operating in their region drive emigration

Protestant pastor’s American wife was denied visa - She is not alone

Many were issued an entry ban on the grounds that their Christian activities are a ‘threat to national security and public order

Greek Patriarch speaks of Hagia Sophia conversion

The Greek patriarch of Istanbul said: "Instead of uniting, a 1,500-year-old heritage is dividing us. I am saddened and shaken.”

Three Iranian Christians receive appeal outcome

Four Christians were initially arrested in 2016 for “acting against national security” for leading house churches in Rasht

Iran increases hardline stance against Christians

The legislature passed amendments regarding the country’s Islamic Penal Code which would negatively impact Christians

Christians regain hope for Mosul's rebirth six years after ISIS took power

Infrastructures must be rebuilt, corruption eradicated, and services boosted.

Iran: ‘a Church without martyrs would be like a tree without fruit’

Archbishop Ramzi Garmou of Tehran, the president of the Iranian bishops’ conference, spoke with Aid to the Church in Need (ACN)

ISIS attacks increase in NE Syria

Although these attacks are not specifically targeting Christians, they have affected a large Christian community.

Four Iranian Christian converts jailed

This case is a reflection of the poor treatment Christians regularly receive from the Iranian judicial system

Persecuted Middle Eastern Christians fear being forgotten amid pandemic

Stephen Rasche urges Christians in the West to pray for Christians in the Middle East in order to give them courage.