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USCIRF denounces "downward spiral" for religious freedom in Afghanistan

According to the report, “Afghans who do not adhere to the Taliban's interpretation of Islam are at risk of grave danger."

Vladimir Putin demands Israel give Russia control of historic Jerusalem church

The Nevsky church property was initially purchased by Tsar Alexander II in 1859 and remained under Russian control until 1917.

Iran continues to push its anti-Christian agenda

Regionally, Iranian-backed factions in Iraq and Syria disrupt attempts for peace and restoration

Assyrian patriarchal see to return to Iraq

The patriarchal see of the Assyrian Church of the East has been closed for nearly a decade

Iraqi committee returns 120 expropriated Christian properties

Iraqi Christians have been facing such severe persecution for decades.

The number of Christians in the Holy Land is decreasing at an alarming rate

In 1948, there were 30,000 Christians in Jerusalem alone. Currently, only 15,000 of them live there.

Syrian-Armenian church rebuilt after desecration by the Islamic State

Many of Raqqa’s Christians fled the country, seeking refuge in Lebanon, Turkey and beyond, and never returned.

Life of Afghan Christians at high risk since the Taliban takeover

"The fall of Kabul has fueled a new mood of invulnerability among other jihadist groups worldwide," Open Doors warns.

Christians are disappearing from Syria

Today, Christians account for less than 1% of Idlib’s residents.

Iran imposes Islamic "re-education classes"

Christian converts in Iran face discrimination particularly when it comes to their children and their forced islamisation.