Tag: Middle East

Seven Christian converts sentenced in Iran

Recent weeks have shown that we can expect the country to continue in its persecution of Christians.

Christians warn of Lebanon’s growing problems

Some Christians have experienced persecution at accessing financial resources, however, rely on these funds to rebuild their lives

Third "honour killing" this month in Iran

The man put his daughter's dead body in the trunk of his car and disposed it in a nearby village. 

Armenian patriarch endorses reopening Hagia Sophia

President Erdogan has repeatedly brought this idea to the country’s attention, hoping to reopen the museum as a mosque.

Christians regain hope for Mosul's rebirth six years after ISIS took power

Infrastructures must be rebuilt, corruption eradicated, and services boosted.

Suspected church attacker arrested in Turkey

On 23rd of May an individual removed a cross from an Armenian church in Istanbul.

Iraqi priest: pandemic is sinking the economy but helping the Islamic State

The weakening economy increases poverty which is working in favour of jihadist recruitment.

Patriarch Sako: Iraqi people have limited protection against the virus

The spiralling effect of the coronavirus has severe consequences in Iraq.

Attempted attack on Orthodox church in Egypt

The incident resulted in no casualties or damages to the church. The police identified the attacker and arrested him.

Attacker removes cross from outside of an Armenian church in Istanbul

The security footage shows an individual climbing over the fence.