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Jordanian coup plot suggests insecurity for region’s Christians

Jordan has long appeared to a stable country in the region, receiving hundreds of thousands of refugees in the past decade.

Iraqi government seeks to address Pope Francis' concerns

Christians living in Nineveh Governorate face near-daily security threats with the presence of radical Muslim militia.

Saudi Christian faces two trials and death threats

The Christian convert, his wife, and his son are facing violent death threats as a result of their faith.

Cities split in two following conflict in Karabakh

The situation in the region has deteriorated severely in recent months.

The 24th of March is the day of missionary martyrs

Since 1993, the day of the assassination of Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero is a day of prayer and fasting.

Syria’s civil war hits its ten-year anniversary

It is estimated that twelve million out of Syria’s pre-civil war population of twenty-two million were displaced since 2011.

Rocket assault in Erbíl – the village is „important to us by many aspect"

Erbíl’ airport got assaulted on the evening of 15th of February. One civil American died, another four got injured, a soldier amon

Iranian convert on hunger strike while imprisoned

Iranian officials have monitored Firouzi since his first arrest in 2011.

Personal stories of the doubly persecuted

Personal stories of Christian women in the Middle East.

More than a hundred houses were rebuilt with the help of Hungary Helps Program

Among many Hungary is one of those helpers with the HHP which helps the restoration and education.