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Iranian authorities order pastor back to prison after temporary reprieve

Iran ranks as the ninth worst country in the world for Christian persecution by Open Doors USA

Afghan Christians facing higher risk of persecution with Taliban in power

The commission explains that Afghanistan has no long-established Christian denominations and traditions.

Christian parents face pressure to provide amid renewed warfare in Yemen

Yemen comprises one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, with 233,000 people dead since 2015

USCIRF releases updated report on religious freedom in Saudi Arabia

The government persists in cracking down on freedom of religion, prohibiting Christians from praying and worshiping in public.

PEW report ranks Middle East highest persecuted region

Globally, social persecution is “high” or “very high” in 22% of the world’s countries.

Talibans are carrying out mass executions, warns missionary

According to its website, Free Burma Rangers have helped 1.5 million displaced persons to date who would have otherwise died.

Christians in Afghanistan face "new phase" of crisis after loing contact with US

Christian population in Afghanistan is estimated at 12,000, making it one of the country’s largest religious minorities.

Iranian Christian converts receive reduced sentences

The update to the penal code in February 2021 suggests that religious freedom in Iran will continue to be severely restricted.

The sentence of three Irani converts was reduced with years

Three Iranian Christian converts have had their sentences reduced from five years to three years.

ADF warns that Afghan Christians will be "targeted with deadly violence"

As of last Saturday, 117,000 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan