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Over a hundred church attacks in Syria since start of civil war

"The Syrian regime has always invoked good slogans, but on the ground it has done the opposite," said SNHR chairman

Iraqi Christian miraculously survives being burned alive

ISIS members drenched him in 20 gallons of gasoline, but he inexplicably survived unharmed

IRAN: Assyrian Church closed down

100-year-old Assyrian church in the northwestern city of Tarbiz was closed down

Iraq’s Christians ‘close to extinction’

Iraqi archbishop has accused Britain’s Christian leaders of failing to do enough for Christians in Iraq

The Persecution of Christians in the Palestinian Authority

Three grave events occurred recently involving Christians in the territories ruled by the Palestinian Authority

Heightened Militia Tension in Iraq

Rising tensions between Iran and the west might impact reconstruction efforts in Iraq

Five Christian Children Killed in Rocket Attack in Syria

Kids, aged between six and ten, were struck

Turkey Detains Armenian Activist for Referencing Genocide

Armenian Activist Arrested in Istanbul on Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day

Tell the world the truth

There is an Islamic extremist war on Christians every single day

More Syrians Are Becoming Christians After ISIS

A number of families converted at the Syrian-Turkish border