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The Pope has recognised the martyrdom of two Lebanese Capuchin missionaries

The Capuchin missionaries were arrested, tortured and killed in Turkey during the 1915 genocide.

Egyptian president Sisi spoke about religious freedom limitations

Tensions are on the rise in the Middle East after the publication of a caricature of the prophet Mohammed in the French press

Male Christian sentenced to flogging in Iran for drinking Holy Communion wine

Article18 Advocacy Director Mansour Borji told BBC Persian that the lashes were “inhumane and humiliating.”

Iranian Christian Receives 80 Lashes

He received the same punishment for the second time.

Syrian Armenian church targeted by grenade

Turkey sent hundreds of fighters from northern Syria to fight as mercenaries against Armenia and in support of Azerbaijan.

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict intensifies —thousands of casualties already reported

Officials in Nagorno-Karabakh say nearly two hundred Armenians were killed as a result of the attacks.

Iranian convert faces new charges

The prosecutor rejected the charge of “propaganda against the state” on the basis that there was a lack of evidence.

Armenian Prime Minister accuses Turkey of "treading the path to genocide"

Armenian Christians are the first victims of this new wave of violence in the Caucasus.

Martial law established in Armenia after armed attack by Azerbaijan

Armenian Christians remain in a particularly sensitive geographic position which constantly threatens their security.

Iranian hackers target religious minorities

Cybersecurity remains a primary concern for Iran’s Christian diaspora.