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Political scientist explains why Christianity is the most persecuted religion

Christianity is indeed the most persecuted religion today: in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia, but also in the West.

Iranian authorities deny early release for Christian convert

Last year, Christian convert Fatemeh Mohammadi was arrested during an anti-government protest in Tehran.

Afghan Christians call for prayer as international forces prepare for withdrawal

Open Doors ranks Afghanistan second on its World Watch List of countries where it is the most difficult to be a Christian.

Iran sentences Christian converts under new sectarianism law

 It is widely believed that this new law will serve as a more precise or expanded tool to suppress religious freedom.

Three Christians arrested under Iran’s amended penal code

Iranian Christians often are forced to sign agreements to abstain from gathering at house churches.

A young woman decided to mobilise Americans to march for persecuted Christians

Over 340 million Christians live in areas where they face persecution for their faith.

Kurdistan region pledges protection of Christian rights

The Nineveh plains and northern Iraq is home to many of the country’s remaining Christians.

Iranian Christians face continued legal harrassment

It is not rare that Christians are being sent to “re-education” sessions with Islamic clerics.

Lebanese Christians may have no place left to go

Lebanon has nearly a forty per cent Christian population, hosting Christian minorities fleeing conflict elsewhere in the region.

Iran releases Christian convert imprisoned for membership in evangelistic group

Iran uses the country’s Penal Code to prosecute Christians for their peaceful religious activities.