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Two kidnapped missionaries freed in Haiti

The kidnapped Christians range in age from an 8-month-old baby to a 48 year old.

At least some of 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti still alive

The gang leader threatened Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry and the chief of Haiti’s National Police.

Haitian authorities identify gang behind the kidnapping of 17 missionaries

Local unions and other organisations were planning to launch a strike Monday to protest the country's worsening security situation

Twenty missionaries were killed worldwide in 2020

In the last twenty years, 535 priests have been killed worldwide, five of whom are bishops.

Aviation Ministry hopes to launch first Christian airline in 2021

Last year, the organisation helped CBN’s Operation Blessing transport teams and supplies to the Bahamas after Hurricane Doria.

Two thousand Bibles were delivered to a Papuan tribe

The Papuan tribe joyfully welcomed the plane that brought extra copies of the Bible in their own language.

Missionaries: "Everything has changed but we stay where we are"

"We have learnt in the mission that nothing is impossible for God."

American pastor returns home after seven month detention in India

In October 2019, Pastor Bryan Nerren, an American pastor from Tennessee, was detained for allegedly failing to declare money

Christian hospital in India attacked by Hindu extremists

According to Christian leaders, the attack on the hospital is a sign of the growing intolerance faced by the country’s Christians