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Islamist who criticized Asia Bibi reports "blasphemers" to Morrocan authorities

Sihamedi is a salafist who has recently become famous for criticizing Macron's meeting with Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi.

Morocco is sending 422 imams to Europe for “religious guidance” during Ramadan

Ramadan started this month. What does this mean in the Muslim world?

Pope Francis in Morocco: no proselytism

The Pope warns against converting others in Islamic Morocco

Pope Francis and King Mohammed VI make historic appeal for Jerusalem

The appeal recognizes the “uniqueness and sacredness of Jerusalem, a common heritage of humanity”

Pope extols interreligious dialogue as a means to combat terrorism

Pope: "Religious minorities should be treated as full citizens regardless of their number."

The ISIS terrorist, who beheaded Christians, wants to return to Italy

ISIS' terrorist: “If I return to Italy, I will blow myself up.”

The Archbishop of Rabat: "Let's get ready to welcome the Pope"

From the 30th to the 31th March, Pope Francis will visit Morocco