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Three Coptic Christians brutally murdered in Egypt

The three brothers were working in an agricultural field at the moment of their death.

Every two hours a Christian is killed for their faith in this country

In Nigeria, a Christian is killed for their faith every two hours; that’s nearly 13 Christians a day and 372 Christians a month.

Forty Christians killed in coordinated attack

In September, ICC received word about a particularly devastating attack that killed at least 40 Christians.

Muslims attacked Christian village in Pakistan- two people died, others injured

The attackers told the villagers that they would return

Two Pakistani Christian men drowned in a septic tank

They cried for help in vain- their bosses let them die.

Fulani militants murdered four Christians in Nigeria, among them a priest

Four Christians, including a Catholic priest, were murdered on Tuesday night in yet another attack by Fulani Militants in Nigeria.