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ICC launches barbershop for Christian converts in Kenya

In order to support this family, ICC renovated and equipped a vacant shop for Kelvin to start his own barbershop.

The situation of persecuted Christians in France

Christians in France fall victim to several kinds of discrimination which are too often being ignored by mainstream media

Over 500 Muslims celebrate Christmas to promote religious tolerance in Nigeria

Since 2000, between 50,000 and 70,000 believers have been murdered in Nigeria.

Suicide bomb kills three in Somalia

Al-Shabaab is a jihadist militant organisation whose primary aim is to create an Islamic Statate in Somalia.

Kenyan Christian acquitted of false charges

Hassan’s family converted to Christianity in 2008, leaving their relatives and the local Muslim leaders puzzled.

Another NGO condemns Algeria for continued detention of Christian convert

Bahloul’s case is one of many examples of religious discrimination from the Algerian government in recent years.

Christianity grows by nearly one per cent in Muslim-majority Indonesia

Among Indonesia's population, 236.53 million (86.88%) identify as Muslim.

Algerian Christian sentenced and fined for “shaking the Muslim faith”

Sentencing for "undermining the faith of a Muslim” can range from two to five years in prison.

At least twenty Nigerians killed in terror attack

Daily Sun reported that the suspected terrorists fired gunshots in Dabna to announce their arrival.

Restrictions on religious freedom in Algeria prompt USCIRF condemnation

USCIRF recommended that Algeria be placed on the State Department’s Special Watch List for its persecution religious minorities.