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Malaysian MP refuses to apologise for calling the Bible "false" and "corrupted"

In Malaysia, Christians make up merely nine per cent of the population; converting a Christian to Islam is a punishable offence

Pastor's wife still missing in Malaysia

The latest investigation into the couple’s case was held by Human Rights Commission of Malaysia on the 24th of August.

Christians are the most persecuted in Islamic countries

Official reports state that over 260 million Christians were subjected to discrimination and persecution worldwide in 2019.

International Christian Concern restores a church in Kenya

ICC's initiative may give a glimmer of hope to Christians facing harsh persecution on the African continent

Public inquiry into disappeared Christian couple will resume

The inquiry had started in February but was suspended in mid-March after two commissioners tested positive for COVID-19.

Berlin church hosts Muslims for prayers because of social distancing rules

The church’s pastor, Monika Matthias, was "moved" by the Muslim call to prayer.

The Diocese of Bordeaux calls for Catholics to donate money for Muslims

Daniel Ambry is a representative of the Islamic-Christian Friendship Group in Bordeaux.

Iraqi Christians and Muslims join in prayer for an end to the pandemic

"In this difficult moment we need human solidarity and concentrated efforts to eliminate the common enemy."

Pakistan: some provide food aid on condition that people convert to Islam

There have been some cases when Muslims exploited the hunger of the poor.

Islamic terror group confiscates Christians' properties in Syria

The Syrian civil war left the country in turmoil and Christians are caught in the crossfire between government and rebel forces.