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Germany's migration office ignores persecution of Christian converts

Political correctness is a plague which impacts Germany to a great extent.

Nigerian blasphemy killing sparks international outrage

Recently, the unjust nature of blasphemy killings has received international disapproval.

Religious leaders renew commitment to Islamic State victims in Iraq

Leaders of the Chaldean Catholic church joined 40 other religious figures from Kakai, Shia, Sunni and Yazidi communities.

Hagia Sophia cathedral hosts first Muslim prayers in 88 years

Hagia Sophia used to be one of the main Christian cathedrals.

Nigeria remains a burial ground for Christians

Fulani militants are regularly terrorising local communities.

A French priest has been spit on and insulted in Arabic

French Christians are regularly targeted by young Arabs who often get radicalised in the hoods.

Sudan's war on Christianity is far from over

It is a stain on the honor of the whole world who knows, sees and does nothing about it.

The war on Christianity has been lasting for decades in Nigeria

Christians make up nearly half of Nigeria's popoulation, yet face severe persecution from their Muslim compatriots.

Nigerian Christians face continued persecution from state governments

Human rights groups reacted with strong condemnation and the U.S. Commission on International Religio called the move “appalling.”

ICC launches barbershop for Christian converts in Kenya

In order to support this family, ICC renovated and equipped a vacant shop for Kelvin to start his own barbershop.