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Rohingya refugee camp caught fire in Bangladesh

More than five hundred Rohingya refugees were affected by the fire; there were also some Christians among them.

Christian man tied up in forest for converting to the Christian faith in Mianmar

The man passed an entire night tied in the forest because he did not want to reconvert to Buddhism.

Rohingya Christians are being harassed in refugee camps

Even though they fled Myanmar, they are still suffering from persecution in the refugee camps.

Chin Christian IDPs and refugees need help in Myanmar

The Trump administration has established a 15,000 refugee resettlement figure for the fiscal year 2021.

Myanmar: Violence, tension, and food emergency

More than sixty thousand civilians are currently facing a severe food shortage due to the ongoing fighting.

Christian persecution is widespread in Buddhist countries

In countries where Buddhist nationalism is consolidating, Christians are seen as destroyers of national identity and culture.

Canadian pastor jailed in Myanmar for holding church service amid lockdown

About 6% of Buddhist-majority Myanmar's population identifies as one of the various Christian denominations in the country

Christian family emerges from stoning unscathed in Myanmar

In Myanmar, radical Buddhists often persecute Christians and pressure them to return to Buddhism.

Myanmar believers pray non-stop as village hurls stones

‘We’ll cling to Jesus until we die!’

First baptized convert in Myanmar remembered forever

Because of a missionary's friendship and continued journey of faith U Naw eventually left Buddhism to become a believer in Christ