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Half of the world population face religious persecution

According to two recent reports, more than half of the world's population suffer from growing religious persecution.

Myanmar Cardinal asks for prayers for peace and justice amid coup

“There is no true peace without fairness, truth, justice and solidarity,” said the Cardinal, quoting St. John Paul II

Myanmar’s military junta conducts search of church groups in Kachin State

The situation of the Christian minority in Myanmar continues to raise concerns in the international community.

More than five hundred Christians are trapped in a jungle in Myanmar

In Myanmar, hundreds of Christians had to leave their homes, due to the ongoing armed conflicts.

Young people murdered in a cathedral in Myanmar

The entire complex was surrounded by the military who intended to pursue demonstrators.

Two young demonstrators killed in the compound of Catholic cathedral in Myanmar

Despite the call to the police force "not to arrest and prosecute peaceful demonstrators", the agents opened fire.

Catholic nun saved peaceful demonstrators from police in Myanmar

Catholic nun asked security forces not to shoot young demonstrators who were protesting peacefully.

The government of Myanmar blocked social media to avoid manifestations

On the 4th of February, the citizens of Myanmar realised that Facebook and other social media were blocked.

Rohingya refugee camp caught fire in Bangladesh

More than five hundred Rohingya refugees were affected by the fire; there were also some Christians among them.

Christian man tied up in forest for converting to the Christian faith in Mianmar

The man passed an entire night tied in the forest because he did not want to reconvert to Buddhism.