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Christian family emerges from stoning unscathed in Myanmar

In Myanmar, radical Buddhists often persecute Christians and pressure them to return to Buddhism.

Myanmar believers pray non-stop as village hurls stones

‘We’ll cling to Jesus until we die!’

First baptized convert in Myanmar remembered forever

Because of a missionary's friendship and continued journey of faith U Naw eventually left Buddhism to become a believer in Christ

Over one hundred thousand Kachin IDPs trapped in Myanmar camps

The IDPs now face shortages of potable water and electricity.

Pastor faces three years in jail for defying Myanmar's stay-at-home orders

The Buddhist and ethnic Burman majoritarian military of Myanmar routinely persecutes Christians.

Asian Bishops join the appeal for global truce amid pandemic

"The suffering of many will be prolonged the world over and healing delayed indefinitely".

Myanmar’s prominent Buddhist monk contributes to Pope’s coronavirus fund

Sitagu Sayadaw sits on interfaith councils and travels the world to promote his humanitarian efforts and interfaith dialogue.

The suffering of Christian minorities in Myanmar: victims in civil conflicts

In many areas of Myanmar, Christians pay a high price for civil conflicts.

Myanmar artists face blasphemy charges for Covid-19 mural

They were arrested for portraying a Grim Reaper figure spreading the coronavirus, which looked like a Buddhist monk.

Kachin IDPs risk their health for work during coronavirus epidemic

IDPs are already living in financial hardship, so not working would affect their ability to bring food for their family.