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China tightens border control with Myanmar to prevent “religious infiltration”

The Chinese regime considers religious minorities as a threat to the communist system.

Baptist pastors jailed for holding peace prayers in Myanmar

Since the coup, the military has increased their violence towards religious minorities, specifically Christians, in Myanmar.

Myanmar military wages war against Christian ethnic minorities

Myanmar has had one of the longest running civil wars in the world since gaining independence from Britain in 1948.

Myanmar military arrest Catholic priest amid crackdown

A Burmese Catholic priest was arrested this week after the military raided his residence in the western part of the country.

Catholic priests arrested and released by Myanmar army

The Burmese military have arrested and released six Catholic priests and a lay Catholic in the village of Chan Thar.

Myanmar’s army increases attacks against Christians

There are over 90,000 Kayah Catholics in the State with 355,000 inhabitants.

Thousands of Myanmar refugees seeks refuge in India

The U.N. stated that there is an estimated four to six thousand refugees from Myanmar who have fled for safety in India.

Catholic seminary volunteer killed in a raid by the Burmese military

Between February and May, 73 teenagers have been killed by the Burmese military, according to Asia News.

Burmese military attacked another Church in Eastern Myanmar

During the evening of the 26th of May, another church in Kayah state was attacked by the Burmese military.

Mynamar army arrested Catholic missionary

He was going to the village to collect donations for the poor families who revolted against the military putsch.