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Myanmar artists face blasphemy charges for Covid-19 mural

They were arrested for portraying a Grim Reaper figure spreading the coronavirus, which looked like a Buddhist monk.

Kachin IDPs risk their health for work during coronavirus epidemic

IDPs are already living in financial hardship, so not working would affect their ability to bring food for their family.

Abducted Pastor, who was presumed dead, released by Arakan army

U Tun Nu was a pastor at Believers Church Myanmar before he was abducted at gunpoint in January 2019.

Myanmar officially designates the Arakan Army as terrorist organisation

The Burmese government has officially designated the Arakan Army (AA), an ethnic rebel group, as a terrorist organisation.

Myanmar: Christian villages bombed in Chin State

Christian Chins constitute the most persecuted minority in Myanmar.

Rohingya Christians pray for their persecutors

The Muslim mobs ransacked the community’s church, removing the Bibles, and looted and destroyed the Christians' houses.

Persecuted Chin Christians have to celebrate Christmas in Malaysia

Chin is an ethnic minority group in Myanmar that has 90% of Christian population

Arrest Warrant Issued for “Burmese Bin Laden”

A court in Myanmar has issued an arrest warrant against Wirathu, a notorious Buddhist monk known as “the Buddhist bin Laden”

Myanmar monk stresses harmony to combat hate

Ashin Seindita says extremism preached by some monks is sowing the seeds of violent religious hatred

Kidnapped Pastor Killed in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

Pastor Is Survived by Wife and Three Young Children