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Nativity scene destroyed on Christmas day in America's Indiana state

Unknown persons destroyed the nativity scene and spray painted the walls of St. John the Evangelist Church in Indianapolis.

Nativity scene severely vandalised in Spain

Intolerance against Christianity is on the rise in Spain which not so long ago was considered as a Catholic country.

Leftist parties unite to oppose nativity scene in France

Fifteen leftist parties and associations united in France to remove a nativity scene at the town hall entrance

The statue of the Nutmeg king in the Lutheran Church of Ulm is considered racist

The statue of the Nutmeg king is going to be removed from the nativity scene of the Lutheran Church of Ulm.

Christmas comes early in Indiana with nativity scene court case

Jackson County was sued by a woman who was traveling through the town, spotted the nativity scene, and claimed she was offended

Pope Francis: the World is ‘afraid’ of real meaning of Christmas

The pope: "The manger scene “is a genuine way of communicating the Gospel"