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Fulani herdsmen kill 10 Christians and burn over 100 Houses in overnight atack

ICC has recently paid hospital bills to 10 victims within the district, as well as some from other communities.

Religious freedom advocacy group unveils top 3 Christian persecutors of 2021

Nigeria, Afghanistan and North Korea have been "awarded" in this shameful list.

“Helping is my hobby” – interview with Hungary Helps scholarship holder Caroline Chigbo

The first part of a series of interviews with scholarship holders of the Hungary Helps Program.

Journalist charged after reporting on attacks against Christians in Nigeria

Prolonged detention could have an impact on Binniyat’s physical health.

Two of 66 abducted worshippers killed in captivity in Nigeria

The situation of the Christian minority in Nigeria is still deteriorating

Jihadists kill ten people in Burkina Faso

“Most of the victims were murdered in a cowardly manner, their throats slit,” another, unnamed official told AFP.

Six people kidnapped in university attack

On Tuesday, gunmen raided the staff quarters of the University of Abuja in central Nigeria and kidnapped six people.

ISIS video shows twelve-year-old executing Nigerian soldiers

In the video, the soldiers were shot dead by a twelve-year-old child using an AK-47.

Christian villagers worship for the first time after displacement by Fulani

Fulani militants displaced over 600 church members and killed 67, locals told ICC

Pastor murdered in Nigeria by suspected Fulani militant

Solomon was a doctor as well as a pastor. His wholistic ministry included preaching the Gospel among Fulani communities.