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Fulani militants murdered four Christians in Nigeria, among them a priest

Four Christians, including a Catholic priest, were murdered on Tuesday night in yet another attack by Fulani Militants in Nigeria.

At least thirty people killed in massacre in Nigeria

Gunmen suspected to be Fulani Militants attacked two villages in Kaduna state on Sunday night, killing over thirty people.

Eight soldiers killed in jihadist attack in Nigeria

Nigerian Christians often live amongst extreme violence.

Man given gun to “go and kill Christians” in Nigeria

The Nigerian government has proved utterly ineffective against the violence and has failed the Christian community.

Two churches attacked in Nigerian Kogi State

Being a Christian in Nigeria remains a life-threatening danger.

IS leader killed in Sahel

Islamic extremism remains a deadly plague for Christians around the world.

Kidnapped priest released after a day in northern Nigeria

The priest was released twenty-four hours after being kidnapped

Hundreds of civilians slain by militia in Burkina Faso since May

Thousands of other people have also been displaced, pushed from their homes and lands due to the conflict.