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Kidnapped priest released after a day in northern Nigeria

The priest was released twenty-four hours after being kidnapped

Hundreds of civilians slain by militia in Burkina Faso since May

Thousands of other people have also been displaced, pushed from their homes and lands due to the conflict.

Pregnant woman survives massacre by hiding four days in a pit with her children

Juliet took her five children and hid in a mining pit. For four days, they lay still, with nothing to eat or drink.

Christian community in Nigeria worships for the first time after being attacked

Participating in communion that Sunday were many displaced members of the church who had fled to the suburbs for safety.

Seventy-three pupils kidnapped in Nigeria

"The abductions of school children present us with the prospects of a traumatized generation of young people".

Thirty-six Christians killed this month in one Nigerian state

Fulani Militants are members of the Fulani ethnic group who have been radicalised by a form of extreme Islam.

Christians killed by jihadists during curfew imposed by Nigerian government

Eleven Christians have been confirmed dead between the 17th and the 19th of August, while four remain missing.