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A church that is more than one hundred years old was burned down in Pennsylvania

On the 24th of February, the 115-year-old Middlesex Methodist Church was completely burned down in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Canadian pastor to remain in jail until May for violating COVID-19 restrictions

According to The Edmonton Journal, GraceLife Church has been holding in-person services in his absence.

Colorado judge dismisses one charge against confectioner for not making a cake

The confectioner was Jack Phillips, who refused to make the transgender-themed cake.

Canadian church fined eighty-three thousand dollars for in-person worship

Last year, all six elders of Trinity Bible were charged with violating provincial restrictions.

New-York university suspends student for critical views on transgenderism

Stevens met with the university and shared on social media that he was dismissed from school due to his Instagram publications.

Pro-life activists slam "anti-women culture that encourages abortion"

Emily Berning stressed that “circumstances are temporary but abortion is permanent.”

A church was almost set ablaze in Florida

The Jesus Christ Church in Hollywood, Florida, was almost set ablaze last Thursday, the 18th of February.

State-funded abortions increase in US, data shows

Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider.

US parlamentarian took a vow in a hijab with her hand on the Quran

It is the first time such a situation takes place in the United States.

Vandalism outside El Paso Catholic church damages three angel statues

Three angel statues on the parish grounds were found toppled over and broken.