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Idaho defunds Planned Parenthood

Family Policy Alliance of Idaho Executive Director Blaine Conzatti praised the bill’s signing.

Canadian pastor arrested for holding church service

The video documenting Pawlikowski's encounter with the local law enforcement went viral, receiving more than three million views.

Texas House advances fetal heartbeat bill

Usually, a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

Statue of Christ at Massachusetts church vandalised

The incident follows a series of acts of vandalism against churches.

Indiana supreme court dismissed lawsuit against archdiocese

"The government can’t punish the Catholic Church for asking Catholic educators to support Catholic teaching”.

Experiments on aborted children at the University of Pittsburgh

The authors of the report suggest possible links between the university and the illegal trafficking of human remains.

The church of Attawapiskat (Ontario) was destroyed by fire

Ontario is a territory where Catholic churches are regularly closed and sold due to the decline in the number of faithful.

A major fire ravages the Church of Listuguj in New Brunswick

Police said the fire started at the back of the building, on the river side. The cause of the fire, however, is still unknown.

Historic church ravaged by fire in Minneapolis

A large part of the roof collapsed in the afternoon, despite efforts by firefighters to overcome the blaze.

Man takes sledgehammer to Marian mural in Los Angeles archdiocese

A masked man bashed a mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe with a sledgehammer last week, at a parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.