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California churches take fight against state abortion coverage mandate to court

They argued, that the state “shouldn’t be forcing churches to pay for abortion.”

2 dead, 3 injured after stabbing at Grace Baptist Church in California

Religious services were not in session at the time of the stabbing, the building was being used as a homeless shelter.

Kansas school cancels Operation Christmas Child after complaint

The shoe box project was cancelled due to the complaint of atheist group.

Pro-life groups sue DC over arrests outside Planned Parenthood

They argue that government officials cannot discriminate peaceful expression of beliefs.

LGBT group urges Biden to strip accreditation of Christian schools

Such sanction would devastate schools with biblical beliefs.

Washington: Two churches burn in an arson attack

A Baptist and Catholic church buildings were damaged by fires in arson attacks Sunday morning in Washington.

An American girl was forced to remove her 'Jesus loves me' mask

According to her parents, the school violated her constitutional rights, and they have filed a lawsuit against the school.

Louisiana man sentenced to 25 years in prison for setting fire to 3 churches

All three were burned down over 10 days in March and April of 2019.

Blind woman can return to Rhode Island park

She was banned from the park under the charge of harrassment.