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A church in Louisville drops lawsuit after mayor allows drive-in worship service

The church’s attorneys filed a motion with the federal court to enter an agreed order that would end the judicial proceedings.

"Exercising religion is essential" - Trump DOJ sides with Virginia Church

An order from Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam bans in-person gatherings of more than ten people.

Less than ten percent of U.S. Protestant churches held in-person Mass in April

In efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus, most churches in the U.S. halted their in-person worship services.

Donald Trump denies coronavirus funds to Planned Parenthood abortion business

So far, over 1.6 million businesses have received forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program.

Rapper DMX hosts a Bible study on Instagram and thousands tune in

Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, has never shied away from sharing his Christian faith.

South Carolina megachurch turns campuses into blood donation centres

Blood drives at NewSpring began on Thursday at the church’s main campus in Anderson. 

American Teenagers declare that 'Prolife Rocks!'

Today many American teenagers believe that abortion is the greatest human rights issue of the 21st century.

Oxford professor arrested for selling stolen Bible fragments

The stolen fragments included extracts from Genesis, Exodus, Deuteronomy, Psalms, Romans and I Corinthians, according to The Times

California county faces backlash for banning singing for online church services

The order, which went into effect on Good Friday, will continue to be enforced until the 10th of May, Fox News reported.

Americans accuse Poland of "gender-based" and "racial" hatred

These accusations can hardly be taken seriously by any honest person familiar with the actual situation in Poland.