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Canadian government worriing about decline in abortions

Trudeau’s government is aiming to counteract the “worrying” 20% dip in abortions in a Canadian province over the last five years.

Man pleads guilty to arson attack that destroyed historic Nicola Valley church

August Caprian pleaded guilty to three counts of arson, one count of break and enter after series of church fires

Catholic church demolished by teenagers in Quebec

Members of the local community were outraged by this act of vandalism

Conservative Governors call on Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Several other conservative organisations have filed amicus briefs in support of the abortion ban.

Mississippi wants Supreme Court to overturn Roe

Lynn Fitch argues that abortion itself is "fundamentally different from any right this Court has ever endorsed."

Arson attacks on forty-five churches since the 21st of June in Canada

The arson attacks on churches are part of an organised anti-Christian attack.

Judge strikes down West Virginia law banning biological males from girls' sports

The bill cites the “inherent differences between biological males and biological females”.

Man in underwear torches cross on top of church in Los Angeles

From the roof the man tossed shingles down at authorities gathered below and allegedly yelled that people wanted to kill him.

Coptic Orthodox church destroyed in ‘suspicious’ fire in British Columbia

A Coptic Orthodox church in British Columbia was destroyed in a fire on Monday, after an attempted arson attack damaged the door.

Next "God’s Not Dead" movie to focus on freedom of speech

The themes reflect news headlines and encourage believers to remain strong in their fight to protect their spiritual rights.