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USA: two young men desecrate a cemetery by "doing doughnuts" with a car.

The Bellevue Cemetery is an African American Christian Cemetery located in Chadbourn, in North Carolina.

Michigan: a priest celebrated Mass in a parking lot in front of the church.

The faithful participated in the Mass sitting in their closed cars.

Cardinal Raymond Burke: "Churches must stay open despite coronavirus."

The cardinal denounced the idea that worship and prayer are “not essential" and therefore can be cancelled.

Donald Trump declares Sunday March 15, 2020 National Day of Prayer

Trump's tweet has already been liked by over 350,000 people and shared over 90,000 times as of March 15 at 8am (Budapest time).

USA: Satanists conduct a ritual on the Capitol steps amid pious protesters

Members of the Satanic Temple strongly support abortion organizations as Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups of all kinds.

Mike Pence mocked for praying with coronavirus task force at White House

The gathering occurred as Pence was assigned to spearhead the government’s response to the global outbreakeak of the coronavirus.

Survey shows decline in US Catholics’ concern about global Christian persecution

American Catholics consider global Christian persecution as less urgent an issue than human trafficking, poverty or climate change