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Half of the world population face religious persecution

According to two recent reports, more than half of the world's population suffer from growing religious persecution.

Pope Francis considers visiting North Korea

Pope Francis indicated his willingness to visit North Korea, the country, where Christians are the most persecuted.

The five countries with the most Christian prisoners

Through prison sentences, governments prevents Christians from spreading the Gospel and discourage others confessing their faith.

Human rights groups call for renewed scrutiny of North Korea violations

Actions as simple as praying or talking about the Bible years of imprisonment, and even torture.

New report explains why North Korea is first on Open Doors' World Watch List

There were 273 victims of persecution reported for the years of 2019 and 2020.

Open Doors released its 2021 list of most dangerous countries to be a Christian

For the first time, Nigeria is ranked among the ten countries with the highest rate of Christian persecution

As North Korea closed its borders, missionaries cannot enter the country

Due to the COVID-19 virus, North Korea closed its border with China preventing missionary activity in North America.

A group of North Koreans brutally executed for breaking COVID-19 restrictions

Over two hundred Christians were identified as victims punished for crimes, including religious practice in Northg Korea.

North Koreans are increasingly exposed to Bible despite persecution

North Korea is ranked as the worst persecutor of Christians in the world on Open Door USA's World Watch List.

North Korean defector traveled three thousand miles as a teen to be free to pray

“The system forces you to only focus on getting your basic survival needs met,” Sookyung Kang explains.