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Meet courageous Christians via Open Doors

Open Doors UK created a blog to present Christians, who are following Jesus despite enormous opposition.

Nine hundred Christian families received immediate aid in Nepal

The coronavirus pandemic has hugely affected the Christian community of Nepal. Open Doors provided help to 900 Christians.

Brother Andrew: God’s Smuggler

Visit Open Doors' web page and get your free copy of God's Smuggler!

North Korean defector "shocked by kindness" in the U.S.

Led by Kim Jong Un, the North Korean regime’s penchant for teaching its citizens anti-American propaganda is well documented

‘I am rejected in my own house’—Rupa’s determination to follow Jesus in India

Rupa continued to pray: “If God called me at this young age, then let Him use me at this young age.”

Ninety per cent fewer persecuted Christians resettled to the U.S. since 2015

Open Doors USA teamed up with the refugee resettlement agency World Relief to release this new report.

India: Religious conversion ban threatening Christians may be expanded

According to Evangelical Fellowship of India, at least 366 violent attacks on India's Christian community were reported in 2019.

Open Doors partners harassed by authorities while delivering aid in Vietnam

“You are Christians and your God shall take care of your family! The government is not responsible of your families!”

A record number of vandalised temples has been recorded in 2019 in Spain

Not less than forty-six churches were vandalised in Spain last year.

Southern Baptist Church observes day of prayer for the Persecuted Church

Two hundred and sixty million Christians experienced harsh persecution in the top fifty countries on the World Watch List in 2019