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Christians in Pakistan celebrate Christmas amid beefed up security

This is to protect the country’s Christian community against the potential of terrorist attack

Special 'lawsuit' in Pakistan - lawyers ransack Lahore hospital

As panic spread, doctors and paramedics hid, leaving patients unattended, including those in a critical state.

Pakistani Christian teen killed in mob attack on Christian neighborhood

None of the identified assailants have been arrested by police

Pakistan: forced conversions continue to increase

Seven cases reported in just the first six months of 2019

Pakistan honors priest for promoting Christian-Muslim dialogue

Dominican receives award for his mission to promote interfaith peace and harmony

Christian Laborer Reportedly Killed by Muslim Employer in Pakistan

He was kidnapped and tortured to death after he attempted to quit his job

Pakistani Christian teen 'raped, forcibly converted to Islam'

Pastor who helped 15-year-old make police complaint says her marriage was illegal

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi has arrived in Canada

"Asia Bibi has left the country. She is a free person and travelled on her independent will"

Pakistani Court allows Christian girl to go home with her father

Christian girl recovered from the illegal custody of a Muslim