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Ten-year-old Christian girl escaped attempted rape in Pakistan

A 10-year-old Christian girl experienced an attempted rape by her brother’s teacher in her neighbourhood, Essa Nagri, Pakistan.

EU Parliament calls on Pakistan to abolish blasphemy law

The move comes as cases of blasphemy have dramatically increased, disproportionately affecting religious minorities.

Christian banker fired for his faith in Pakistan

Some seventy per cent of Christians lost their jobs or reported reduced income during a nationwide lockdown in 2020.

Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy tortured into false confession

In Pakistan, false accusations of blasphemy are widespread and often motivated by personal vendettas or religious hatred.

Dina Bibi, Pakistani student: I’m home at Christian Hungary

The reporter of the Debrecen- Nyíregyháza Diocese asked about Dina’s plans and hardships in her homeland.

The worsening of religious freedom continues in Pakistan

Blasphemy accusations which are so common in Pakistan, can lead to sentences of life in prison and even death.

The five countries with the most Christian prisoners

Through prison sentences, governments prevents Christians from spreading the Gospel and discourage others confessing their faith.

Abducted Christian teen reunited with his family in Pakistan

It was one of the few occasions in which a Christian victim of forced conversion is recovered and reunited with their family.

Pakistan bans Islamist political party amid violent protests

Pakistan’s Christian community is often seen as a representation of the West by Muslim extremists.

Pakistani authorities block press conference regarding blasphemy accusations

Christian leaders in Pakistan were blocked a press conference regarding the arrest of two Christian nurses on blasphemy charges.