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Fourteen men raid Christian school in Pakistan

Pakistan is not a friendly place for Christians, as they are subjected to violence and abuse across the country.

Kidnapped Pakistani Christian girl forced to marry

A seventeen-year-old Christian girl was kidnapped, forcefully converted and married to a Muslim man in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Teacher murdered in Pakistan for allegedly committing blasphemy

One of her Muslim students saw her committing blasphemy in her dream.

Two girls from a religious minority are the latest victims of forced marriages

A Christian girl was raped and a Hindu girl was murdered for refusing marriage with a Muslim man.

Eight-year-old Christian boy abused in Pakistan

Despite the presence of eyewitnesses police will not prosecute the rapist.

Lack of law enforcement encourages forced conversions in Pakistan

Religious minorities have been under threat for ages in Pakistan.

Christians have less chance to shortein their jail time

Inmates in Pakistan’s Punjab province can shorten their jail time by taking classes while they’re behind bars.

One man died and others were injured in an anti-Christian attack in Pakistan

They attacked Christian houses, burned objects and insulted the local Christians.