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Pakistani police murdered a Christian man and raped his wife

A Christian young man named Sunny Saleem was arrested and then killed by police while in custody.

Muslims attacked Christian village in Pakistan- two people died, others injured

The attackers told the villagers that they would return

Two Pakistani Christian men drowned in a septic tank

They cried for help in vain- their bosses let them die.

Muslim men force young Christian girls to marry in Pakistan

Usually the Muslim men attack these girls in groups.

The voiceless victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

The report provides the profiles of 25 current cases in which 29 Pakistani Christians sit charged with committing blasphemy.

Pakistan's High Court declared that minor girls can be converted to Islam

Pakistani High Court declared that even a ten-year-old Christian girl can be converted to Islam.

Karachi Caritas provides tents for religious service in demolished church

Many parishioners said they were willing to rebuild the walls of the building and support the families affected by the eviction.

New Pakistani anti-conversion bill again in question

The Constitution of Pakistan already guarantees religious plurality; however, Christians continue to experience pertsecution.

Armed attack on a Pentecostal church in Pakistan

Church worshipers, especially women, had been harassed and mocked by Muslim residents in the area in the past.