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Another Christian student kidnapped in Pakistan

Another Christian student has been kidnapped from Lahore to be forced into an Islamic marriage.

Pakistani court orders release of Christian girl tortured by Muslim kidnapper

Bishop Iftikhar Indrias of the Apostles of Gospel Ministries International, demands that the abductor be arrested.

Two young Christians charged with blasphemy based on false accusations

"I ask you to punish the two men under the blasphemy laws for having published and printed these texts," the prosecutor said.

Two Christians studying Bible charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

In Pakistan, twenty-four Christians are in prison for blasphemy charges.

New report on Pakistan’s blasphemy laws reports two hundred indictments in 2020

Pakistan remains one of the worst persecutors of Christians worldwide

Islamic leaders defended a Christian nurse, who was accused of blasphemy

"No one should be allowed to take justice into their own hands, nor to abuse the blasphemy laws."

Pakistani Christian woman denounced for blasphemy

A Christian woman in Karachi was condemned according to article 295 C of the Pakistani Penal Code.

Christian nurse accused of blasphemy by Muslim coworker in Pakistan

In Pakistan, false accusations of blasphemy are widespread and often motivated by personal vendettas or religious hatred.

Brother of Christian imprisoned in Pakistan pleads for Biden to help

Anjum used to live in the US. He entered the U.S. as a permanent resident after marrying an American and later became a US citizen

Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy on Christmas day

Three Pakistani Christian men were accused of burning pages of the Quran on Christmas day.