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Pakistani Christian teen escaped abductors and returned to her family

A Christian teen, who was kidnapped in late September has returned to her family.

Video of torture of Pakistani Christian goes viral

Sanitary worker was forced to wear rosary during assault but minorities group says attack was not religious persecution

63,000 USD promised for anyone who beheads a Christian in Pakistan

In Pakistan, any kind of desecration targeting the prophet is punishable by death.

British Prime Minister urged to grant asylum to Pakistani Christian teen

Over nine thousand people signed a petition asking Boris Johnson to grant Maira Shahbaz and her family asylum in the UK.

Pakistani influencer used derogatory terms for Christians in TikTok video

Later she apologised, because many people have written angry comments to the vide.

New book documents bias and stigmatisation in Pakistan’s education system

The book, written by Peter Jacob, Director for the Centre for Social Justice, was published on the 16th of November.

Pakistan: fifty-three thousand dollars offered for the head of a Christian man

Faraz Pervaiz has a price of fifty-three thousand dollars on his head after criticising Muhammad on his blog.

Child marriage of kidnapped Christian girl to Muslim man nullified in Pakistan

The Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act makes it illegal in Pakistan’s Sindh Province to marry children younger than eighteen.

Two Christians killed in an incident of religious hatred in Pakistan

A Christian mother and her son were killed in an incident of religious hatred in Pakistan, on the 9th of November.

Pakistan: Christians condemn offenses against religions

Pakistani Cardinal invites people to live in peace with other religions.