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Civil society to the government of Punjab: religious freedom in the education

"We ask the government to review all the measures that are clearly in conflict with the right to freedom of religion."

Muslim preacher promotes hatred against Christians in Pakistan

In the video, the cleric called himself, “An orderly spiritual person in Islam.”

Christians forced to remove cross from church in Pakistan

A community of Pakistani Christians were forced to remove a cross from a church under construction in a village.

Kidnapped Christian girl now pregnant from rape

A kidnapped girl phoned her parents to tell she is pregnant after being raped by her abductor, who imprisoned her in his house.

Prayer service targeted by Pakistani police

During a prayer before providing a free meal for the poor, the police officers appeared and roughly disturbed the prayer service

Young boy beaten by Muslim businessman in Pakistan

The boy's family reported the case to the police.

Pakistan’s Christians have been starved and exposed during the lockdown

Instead of receiving aid, Rachel was told that she could not receive any food because her ID identified her as a Christian

Pakistani Christians severely beaten by extremists

“Muslims will rebound as they chanted torching Christian’s houses, disgracing women, vandalizing Churches"

Construction of 'new places of worship' for Non-Muslims is declared unlawful

Religious minorities, including Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and other non-Muslim faith groups in Pakistan have to face this ban

Christians in Pakistan struggle amid locust invasion and coronavirus crisis

“Christians have been told: Unless you become a Muslim or recite the Muslim creed, we’re not going to help you”