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Couple sentenced to death for 'blasphemy' plead for freedom in Pakistan

A Christian couple in Pakistan will appear before Lahore's high court today for their final appeal after six years on death row

Violence against religious minorities continues in Pakistan

Hate speech, intolerance and discrimination against religious communities are still present in Pakistan.

Christians being denied food aid during COVID-19 pandemic

Christians often face ostracism, threats, torture and prison sentences in communist Vietnam.

Pakistan: Christians create "food bank" to reach out to people in need

Young Catholics in the city of Sahiwal in Pakistan's Punjab province offer evening meals to a hundred destitute people every day.

Church property illegally occupied in Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic

The Muslim man now occupying the church property is attempting to use the COVID-19 pandemic to his advantage to steal the land.

Islamist criminal who kidnapped a Christian acquitted in Pakistan

The lawyer of the kidnapped girl's family announced they would appeal after the scandalous decision of the Court.

Christian girl, 14, abducted in Pakistan, forced to wed kidnapper

Evidence was produced to show Maira is 19 years old, including a birth certificate, official Church and school documents.

Christians and other religious minorities denied aid amid pandemic in Pakistan

During the coronavirus pandemic people are especially exposed to poverty in some areas.

House of provincial Christian MEP attacked by armed men

Fortunately, the MEP and his family were not at home when the attack took place.

Pakistan: some provide food aid on condition that people convert to Islam

There have been some cases when Muslims exploited the hunger of the poor.