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Pakistani Court validates abduction and marriage of underaged Christian girl

Although most government officials do not support Islamic child marriage, they are often bullied by radical Muslim groups.

Pakistani court acquits Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

The court official went on to say that the Lahore High Court also ordered Masih to be released from custody.

Christian family claims Pakistani police fail to recover their abducted daughter

Abduction of young Christians girls as well as their forced conversions and marriage are rampant issue in Pakistan.

Asia Bibi calls on Pakistani government to protect persecuted Christians

Bibi became the face of persecuted Christians in Pakistan after she was sentenced to death under the country’s blasphemy law.

A Pakistani Christian was sentenced to death for "blasphemous text messages"

The court’s decision comes almost seven years after the initial blasphemy accusation was made.

Another Christian man has been charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

Between 1987 and 2017, 1,534 individuals in Pakistan have been accused of blasphemy, according to ICC.

The pandemic intensified Christian persecution in Pakistan

Christ's followers constitute merely two per cent of the country's population and are continually abused under Sharia law.

Pakistani Christian woman beaten for refusing to convert to Islam

Due to widespread religious discrimination, Christians in Pakistan are viewed as second-class citizens.

Christian family traumatised by Pakistani police

After being tortured and forced to watch his sons being arrested, Younis Masih felt a sharp pain in his chest and died.

Pakistani Christian shot for refusing to give up his home

Despite hearing gunshots, Nadeem’s neighbours shut their windows and did not call the police.