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Chinese Pastor attacked and beaten by CCP police officer

Pastor Hua was already arrested previously. He was released in June of 2019 after serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence.

Pastor who called police "Nazis" claims arsonists set his garage on fire

Pastor Pawlowski posted a video footage of firefighters working to extinguish the flames on YouTube

Canadian pastor arrested for holding church service

The video documenting Pawlikowski's encounter with the local law enforcement went viral, receiving more than three million views.

Pastor jailed in Laos for over one year released

In rural areas, house churches are forced to meet in secret since they are considered “illegal gatherings.”

Detained Lao Christian pastor released after a year

A Lao pastor who was arrested by the authorities after he refused to cease worship early last year was finally released.

Human rights group asks for report on missing Malaysian Pastor

Pastor Raymond Koh was mysteriously abducted in broad daylight in February 2017. He has been missing since.

Justin Bieber visits California state prison with pastor to share faith message

The state prison houses over three thousand inmates in minimum to maximum security areas.

Pastor arrested for violating worship restrictions to be released from jail

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Alberta Health Services have been investigating the church.

Canadian pastor to remain in jail until May for violating COVID-19 restrictions

According to The Edmonton Journal, GraceLife Church has been holding in-person services in his absence.

Nigerian pastor liberated by Boko Haram just before execution

Security forces told Premium Times that Yikura’s family and the EYN church had been negotiating his release since last week.