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Canadian pastor to remain in jail until May for violating COVID-19 restrictions

According to The Edmonton Journal, GraceLife Church has been holding in-person services in his absence.

Nigerian pastor liberated by Boko Haram just before execution

Security forces told Premium Times that Yikura’s family and the EYN church had been negotiating his release since last week.

Two Christians sentenced to prison and heavily fined in Algeria

The two men have appealed their conviction and sentence.

India: Tribal animists brutally beat pastor who refused to worship their gods

Open Doors notes that those who convert to Christianity are accused of following a “foreign faith” by Tribal animists.

Pastor spends two weeks in jail after false accusation of personal enrichment

It is common for pastors in Cuba to work alongside their pastoral charge, as the income of parishioners is insufficient.

Malaysian Pastor Raymond Koh still missing four years after abduction

In January, Malaysia’s Ministry of Home Affairs said that the task force needed more time to prepare its report.

Vietnamese Christian imprisoned for trumped up charge returns home

Though he has now returned to his family, he will be placed under the surveillance of the authorities for at least six months.

India Pastor arrested over inflammatory video from 2013

Pastor Chakravarthy has admitted the voice on the video is his.

Beijing Pastor under house arrest since 2011 finally freed

Shouwang Church has been targeted by the government for its refusal to join the state-approved Three Self Church.

Radical Hindus threaten to sacrifice a Pastor over Bible tracts in India

Violence against Christians northern India  has increased over the last few years.