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Pastor beaten and left to die in a room in India

In October, a Christian Pastor was beaten by radical Islamists and left behind to die in a remote room.

Imprisoned Pastor’s son faces death threats in Vietnam because of his faith

Many Christians are put in jail under trumped up charges for several years; some have been imprisoned and tortured repeatedly.

Evangelist pastor prevented from sharing the Gospel by Chinese authorities

Yunfei became a Christian in 2015, and following his conversion, began sharing the Gospel publicly.

Cuban authorities arrested a pastor for streaming the demolition of a church

The pastor is being held "incommunicado," which means he is unable to speak to or see other people while awaiting his trial.

A pastor was attacked and his home and church destroyed in Bangladesh

Armed men invaded the house of the Christian leader where his wife was also attacked.

Pastor forced to close ministry after threats and intimidations in Sri Lanka

Barnabas Fund reports that Christians make up eight per cent of Sri Lanka’s total population and face frequent persecution.

California pastor fined $220,000 for holding in-person worship services

The Calvary Chapel pastor thinks county officials haven’t sought an injunction because they fear public opinion.

Christian translator fell victim of Indonesian conflicts.

Indonesian conflict claimed pastor's life, perpetrator still unknown.

Regional tensions lead to the murder of a pastor in West Papua

Rev. Yeremia Zanambani was known across Indonesia for his servant’s heart and translating the Bible into Papua’s Moni dialect.

Vietnamese pastor released after four years in jail

Vietnam’s Communist government suspicious of Christianity, which it associates with former invaders, France and the US.