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Pastor's wife still missing in Malaysia

The latest investigation into the couple’s case was held by Human Rights Commission of Malaysia on the 24th of August.

German Cardinal considers Karl Marx as "a source of Catholic social teaching"

"Marx cannot be blamed for everything that was committed by his theories in the gulag of Stalin,” says the Vatican dignitary.

Fulani herdsmen kill eleven Christians in Nigerian Kaduna State

50,000 Christians have been displaced from 109 villages now occupied by armed Fulani herdsmen in southern Kaduna state.

Pastor in Nepal claiming prayer can heal COVID-19 released after three months

In 2016, seven Christians were arrested in the Nepalese district of Dolakha for handing out Bibles.

Cuba released pastor who spent one year in jail for home-schooling his children

The U.S. State Department placed Cuba on its “special watch list” of countries engaging in severe violations of religious freedom.

Pastor wins court case after being targeted for homosexuality beliefs

According to The Telegraph, compensation for Hargreaves will be decided at a later remedy hearing.

American pastor returns home after seven month detention in India

In October 2019, Pastor Bryan Nerren, an American pastor from Tennessee, was detained for allegedly failing to declare money

Pastor in Central India beaten for reporting previous assault

The pastor's family is living in the open air after tribal animists dragged them from their home.

Four people killed by militants including pastor of ECWA church in Nigeria

Suspected Fulani militants attacked a village in Plateau State, Nigeria.

Over three years without news from kidnapped Malaysian Pastor

It is very probable yet has not been proven that Pastor Raymond Koh is no longer alive.