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Nigerian bishop calls for an end to violence in Good Friday homily

In his Good Friday homily, Bishop Badejo of Nigeria has called upon leaders to work for a better world.

Egyptian minister: people should fight together against religious violence

According to the Egyptian minister of religious endowments, Christians and Muslims should protect churches and mosques together.

The prayer of one million children can change the world

The focus of the prayer is worldwide peace and unity, and the overcoming of the present healthcare crisis all around the world.

Pope Francis: all conflicts should stop in the face of the pandemic

The planetary emergency of the coronavirus pandemic, makes more urgent than ever a "global and immediate ceasefire".

NZ Catholic Bishops releases statement one year after Christchurch shootings

Bishops of New Zealand call for peace and are promoting the strengthening of interfaith religions.

Pope urged priority to be given to Syria over 'every other interest'

Pope Francis expressed his “great apprehension for the inhumane situation of the defenceless people" in Syria.

Nigerian Catholics to wear black against violence on Ash Wednesday

People are thus remembering the victims of violence in the country.

Bashar Warda: Christians have an active role in the future of Iraq

Iraqi archbishop calls for 'equal rights and dignity' for Christians.

Chaldean patriarch: Do not turn Iraq into a war zone!

Cardinal Sako issued a strong a statement and called for peace.